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Foil Printing

Screen Printing with Foil

Foil is a great way to bring your design to life. Foil can contrast well against virtually any color and works with almost any design — stand out from the crowd with reflective foil apparel designs!

Highly reflective and shiny smooth, foil screen printing is an eye-catching way to make your custom apparel truly unique. Metallic foil is well-suited for band merchandise, stressed and distressed designs, accenting ink designs, and much more. Best of all — foil prints aren’t just gold and silver! Foil for printing comes in numerous colors.

Foil Printing Quote

Results to Expect when Foil Printing

You must be prepared for your foil print to fade. Fading on foil prints cannot be avoided — from your first wash, the foil will begin to lose shine. The older the garment is, the more faded it will be. You can, however, work around these limitations if you keep the following in mind:

  • Creating your whole design with foil transfers will make the tarnishing more apparent.
  • Foil prints should always be washed inside out — and by hand, if possible. Machine drying is not recommended.
  • Foil prints may be created with a distressed, “grungy” look to begin with. This makes the fading less noticeable.
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