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Screen Printing

Stylus Apparel offers both contract screen printing services and commercial screen printing services. When printing garments, screen printing should be your first choice and consideration. Not only does screen printing allow for the creation of high quality custom apparel, it also produces durable, wearable results. Stylus’s screen printed garments will last through many washes — as long as the garment itself lasts!

We offer a large number of blank stock garments and accessories, along with a wide array of standard print locations. However — if you have something a little more unique and custom in mind, just ask! We will work with and for you to bring your design to life — whatever it takes. Our experienced design and production teams will devote themselves to delivering exactly what you want.

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We print with plastisol or water and discharge inks. However, you can always add high-end effects and embellishments to further customize your screen printed apparel and create something truly remarkable. Custom apparel with foil printing or specialty inks are simply eye-catching.

  • Plastisol Screen Printing

    Plastisol ink is the most economic and high quality choice for screen printing the widest variety of apparel. Since they are very durable and opaque, plastisol inks are the most popular type of ink used in screen printing. Plastisol is vibrant, opaque, and affordable; additionally, plastisol is preferred when screen printing dark or boldly-colored fabrics. Stylus Apparel has over 20 years experience working with plastisol inks. Our experience ensures your image is printed using the […]

    Plastisol Screen Printing
  • Water Based & Discharge Screen Printing

    Water based screen printing, known as discharge screen printing when applied to dark garments, is a choice production method for many high-end and fashionable brands. Water based screen printing creates a soft, light print layer that blends in perfectly with the fabric of the garment. Water-based and discharge printing produces comfortable, wearable garments — perfect for those seeking a stylish alternative to plastisol screenprinting. Stylus Apparel has completely dedicated itself to mastering water based printing […]

    Water Based & Discharge Screen Printing
  • Foil Printing

    Foil is a great way to bring your design to life. Foil can contrast well against virtually any color and works with almost any design — stand out from the crowd with reflective foil apparel designs! Highly reflective and shiny smooth, foil screen printing is an eye-catching way to make your custom apparel truly unique. Metallic foil is well-suited for band merchandise, stressed and distressed designs, accenting ink designs, and much more. Best of all […]

    Foil Printing
  • Specialty Inks

    Sometimes screen printing isn’t enough by itself. Specialty inks provide a unique print with effects that truly stand out. Whether it’s the soft, light print of Fashion Soft inks or the heavy, raised print of High Density inks, your screen printed apparel can be customized even further with specialty inks. At Stylus Apparel we are known for our specialty printing and embroidery techniques. Our screen printing division team are leaders in printing special effects. We […]

    Specialty Inks

Screen Printing Apparel Templates

These templates are for creating mock-ups for our Screen Printing services.

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