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Stylus Apparel's Embroidery Services

Stylus Apparel offers both contract embroidery services and commercial embroidery services. We create custom embroidered hats and caps, polo shirts, t-shirts, and much more — all embroidered with your custom design or logo! Our embroidery services are among the best in the custom garment and apparel industry. We are well known for Tackle Twill and Applique, 3D Puff Embroidery, Embroidered Patches, and distress services.

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Stylus Apparel’s Embroidery Services

Embroidery is most often used on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. Almost any type of fabric can be embroidered, given the proper stabilizer. A wide variety of thread colors are available — see the Direct Embroidery page for information regarding your thread choice.

We use the state of the art Tajima machinery and the latest software technologies to ensure we output only the highest quality embroidery — every time. Our embroidery services are performed with attention to detail, a fast turnaround, and techniques that are one-step ahead of the curve.

Direct embroidery is the most economical route; when used on polo and dress shirts, Direct Embroidery or Embroidered Patches make for excellent professional or managerial uniforms. Embroidery can also be used on snapbacks or caps to create merchandise, retail garments, and much more.

Embroidery Process

In order achieve the high standards expected of Stylus Apparel, we take several steps in the embroidery process to produce our signature quality embroidery standard.

  • We begin by accepting artwork files in most standard graphics formats. Faxed or hard copy documents can also be used. Camera-ready art is always welcome, but is rarely needed if the artwork provides sufficient detail for digitizing.
  • We then can supply the garments to be embroidered — or give you our recommendations on the most popular brands and styles. We work hard to make recommendations that will work for your desired artwork and style of garment.
  • Your artwork must be digitized into embroidery-ready format, and edited (if necessary).
  • Your chosen fabric is stabilized in an embroidery hoop, and placed in the machine for stitching.
  • Our highly skilled embroidery specialists monitor the production of your garments, inspecting for quality and precision down to the tiniest stitch.
  • Direct Embroidery

    Stylus Custom Apparel has a full-service embroidery division offering complete digitizing and embroidery services. We can supply the garments to be embroidered and give you our recommendations on the most popular brands and SKUs. We over 300,000 styles of wholesale blanks to offer or as always can also embroider garments supplied by our clients. We embroider and supply polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, caps, twill shirts, and anything else a needle will pierce. Direct embroidery is the most popular of […]

    Direct Embroidery
  • 3D Puff Embroidery

    Custom 3D Embroidery Will Add Dimension to Your Design Custom embroidery has two innovative techniques that will add dimension to any design. These two very different applications have similar effects, but use different methods to achieve them. offers layered 3D embroidery and puff 3D embroidery to our customers who are looking to add dimension to their custom embroidery design. Custom Layered 3D Embroidery Layered 3D embroidery is achieved by doubling the stitch count on […]

    3D Puff Embroidery
  • Tackle Twill & Applique

    Tackle twill, or applique, involves the sewing down of material, usually a nylon twill, to clothing. Originally, the twill was laid down and sewn with a sewing machine one letter at a time and was necessarily simple to do. Today, using embroidery machines, complex combinations of embroidery and twill can be used to create intricate, 3-dimensional designs that are large, inexpensive and absolutely gorgeous. At Stylus Apparel, we use our embroidery machines to do this sewing […]

    Tackle Twill & Applique
  • Embroidered Patches

    Embroidery Patches Embroidered patches are the style most people are familiar with, having seen them on uniforms, hats, jackets, and more. Starting with a twill base, the custom design is embroidered using thread. Embroidered patches are found in three coverage amounts, 50% embroidery, 75% embroidery, and 100% embroidery. The coverage percentage refers to how much thread coverage the patch will have verses the amount of twill that will be visible. Patches that are embroidered at […]

    Embroidered Patches
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