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Quotes & Ordering

Use our quote and ordering forms to place an order or create a quote for your custom apparel product. Select from any of our offered services, from cut and sew dye-sublimation to embroidery.

Fill out the forms to the best of your ability, following all instructions, and include as much information as possible.

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Quote Pricing

Please note that all quotes are subject to approval following review by a Stylus Apparel sales team member. Be aware that your quoted price may differ from your finalized price. This is especially true if you have entered incorrect or incomplete information. Additionally, while we have designed our custom apparel quote and ordering forms to collect as much information regarding as possible, there are some things we simply cannot account for with our online quoting and ordering systems — such is the nature of the custom garment business. We appreciate your understanding!

Stylus Apparel proudly manufactures garments and apparel in the United States of America.