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Tackle Twill & Applique

Stylus Apparel offers tackle twill and applique services on custom clothing.

Stylus Apparel offers tackle twill and applique services on custom clothing.

Tackle twill, or applique, involves the sewing down of material, usually a nylon twill, to clothing. Originally, the twill was laid down and sewn with a sewing machine one letter at a time and was necessarily simple to do. Today, using embroidery machines, complex combinations of embroidery and twill can be used to create intricate, 3-dimensional designs that are large, inexpensive and absolutely gorgeous.

At Stylus Apparel, we use our embroidery machines to do this sewing for several reasons. We can provide a uniformity of quality not always found in the hand-sewn variety of tackle twill. Also, we have the flexibility of using many different types of stitching on the twill or other material to give many different looks to the same designs.

Quality, standard appearance and complexity of designs add to our versatility and our expert operators consider that appearance is far more important. Everything sewn should be in register and clear. It shouldn’t unravel and we do our very best to insure that the design will outlast the clothing. Apart from that, we’re always proud of the work we do and the products we ship to you, whether it’s one single piece or a whole inventory of items. Each piece is inspected twice, once as it’s sewn and a second time as it is finished in the trimming department. Quality assurance is our primary concern, since we know that it’s what you want.

Stylus Apparel proudly manufactures garments and apparel in the United States of America.